Creating content that is geographically specific, locally important and complexly  human



To create content that is geographically specific, locally important, and complexly human.



Design should be simple.  It should also speak complexly.  My approach is centered around three principles, in which design should be: thoughtful, intuitive, and oscillate between several themes that seem at odds with each other.  



– THoughtful

More thought should go into the meaning of design and graphics than what something looks like visually.  As a designer, I spend more of my time thinking about the brand and what the company represents, than I do creating the artwork.  This creates a relationship between the brand and its content that is more consistent, refreshing, and important. 

– Intuitive

Design should leave the viewer understanding the brand from steps A through Z.   Embellishments shouldn't clutter design, instead they should help to guide an audience to more deeply grasp and fall in love with your brand's history, as well as cause a meaningful interaction with your viewers.

- Oscillation

This may be the most important principle to design in the twenty-first century.  I try to help brands see their complex relationship with the world.  This often involves embracing ideas that are seemingly paradoxical, but will in the end create a more meaningful and complex relationship between brands and their customers.


design should be: thoughtful, intuitive, and oscillate between several themes that seem at odds with each other



My History

I grew up in the valley of Central Wisconsin, in an area straddling a post-industrial world and a seemingly untamed wilderness.  The harsh winters of the Upper Midwest, the liturgical display of seasons, and the economic and social decay of the region fostered my interest in survivalism and post-apocalyptic imagery. (more about this on my artist website)

I moved to the Twin Cities of Minnesota as a young adult, where my curiosity about the world and my northern environment influenced every part of my creativity.  I have taken on the role of telling stories, whether they be my own, or others' in their own brands.  I have sought to influence the world by creating content that is vulnerable, enriching, meaningful, honest, complex, enlightening, and, most importantly, lovely.

My Design Practice

I came into design after several rigorous years of practicing fine art and creating a studio routine.  This has been my competitive angle.  My approach to graphic design is the same as a sculpture of mine or an intaglio etching, even a solo exhibition.  As with these art forms, design should be visceral and tangible, even if it sits behind a screen.

I create branding from storytelling.  A brand logo, a newsletter, or a website should continuously tell your company's story in a consistent and beautiful way.  Each aspect of your brand should feel like it's part of a broader campaign.  So join me in my own story, as well as helping me propel your own.